[-RB-] Razorbacks Tac-Coop - HC MODS

This is our main ArmA server that will be made available for public players to join on the weekends but may have a password during the weekdays for private events and mission testing

Required MODS

We use the following mods on this server:

ACRE2 - RB_Core - RB_Maps - RB_Units1 - RB_Units2 - RB_QOL

Optional Mods

JSRS Sound Mod - Head Range Plus - 9Liners & Notepad - Window Breaker - Dismount Where You Look  - Ride Where You Look - Reduced Haze

Click here to see our required Steam Workshop mods including the optional client side mods

How To Download our MOD's & Connect To Our Server

In order to join our server, you will be required to download our mods from our private repository using Swifty.

Please note, that our main mods are not available from Steam, but ACRE2 and any optional mods are download from the Steam Workshop:

[-RB-] Razorbacks Private REPO


If you are a typical bloke and thinks he knows how to do everything, a short guide is below: 

  1. Download and install the "Swifty" application, configure for your local ArmA 3 installation including your Steam Workshop items
  2. Add a new REPO using "http://repo.razorbacks.info/main"
  3. Allocate a download location for the new mods
  4. Sync with REPO server - re-check once done to ensure all updates are complete
  5. Join Main or Test server to ensure everything is working
  6. When you realise it hasn't worked, man up and read the full instructions above

If you are having problems downloading or connecting, we suggest joining our Discord and asking for help in the #support channel.

Once On The Server

Once in-game we use the "ACRE2" comms mod for TeamSpeak 3. In-game VON is disabled but you should be able to type in "side" channel if you require assistance. However, in order to continue to play with us, you will need to join our TeamSpeak 3 server. The address for our TS3 server is as follows:


Please note our TS3 server is passworded, you can get the password from any member once you are in game, just type in "side" channel if you can have the password. Once you have joined our TS3 server either waiting in the "Arma Lobby" channel or the ACRE mod will move you automatically to the correct channel.

Please note that if you join in progress, it may be possible that all other players are too far away from you to hear any radio comms. If you are calling out and nobody answers, then simple type in side you are ready and an admin will contact you.


When on our server, please follow orders, respect other player but most of all, have fun and enjoy the experience..