Who Are The Razorbacks ArmA Community

[-RB-] Razorbacks

[-RB-] Razorbacks is an ARMA 3 community that aims to provide players with a place to play the full package that ARMA 3 has to offer and more. [-RB-] strives to throw players into a first person, tactical environment by hosting a dedicated, well administrated ArmA 3 server. Playing mainly "1 Life" Coop missions and utilising some of the best MODs available to create great immersion and atmosphere.

However, we don't take ourselves too seriously and we don't expect you to say "yes sir!" when asked to perform a task and you will not find any in game ranks being shouted out on the battlefield. All we ask, is you jump on, choose a slot to play as, and play the role as it should be played!

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