Community Guidelines

  • Have fun, respect each other, no racists comments but most of all, no snowflakes allowed.
  • Membership of the Razorbacks is not exclusive, you may be apart of another community/clan if you choose. The only thing we ask is when on our servers, you should feel proud enough to wear our tags.
  • If a member has been AWOL for more than 6 months, then their membership status may be changed to "Public". This status may be adjusted upon request once member becomes active once more. If after 12 months of no activity, the account will be deleted and all personal records removed.

Server Guidelines

  • Follow orders and respect your leaders and commanders
  • Once in-game, report to section/squad/command for orders
  • Play the role you have selected
  • If possible, ask what roles are required over taking your favourite
  • Always request permission before picking up enemy weapons
  • No deliberate TK’ing (will result in a ban)

Mission Commanding Guidelines

  • Always try to involve all players in the mission
  • Allow time for new players to be welcomed and to ensure they understand server guidelines
  • If means of transport is available, then use it over teleporting JIP's to the front line
  • Don't allow heavy weapons and assault vehicles to kill everything on the battlefield, leave something for the grunts

Admin Guidelines

  • Always request permission from mission commander before teleporting a player as other means of transport may be available
  • Only perform non-mission tasks such as healing, repair if a glitch is present or something out of normal play has happened (e.g. hacking)
  • Abuse of admin will result in privallages being removed