The Razorbacks Sessions

We are proud to announce the release of a music album which is exclusively available to The Razorbacks Arma Community. Electronic music producer "CAP23" has allowed us to use some of his music on our weekly Twitch live stream and YouTube videos. He has released "The Razorbacks Sessions" exclusively through his Bandcamp page plus 50% of the profits from this release will be given to us to help fund our servers and produce more content for you to enjoy.

The album feature some previously released tracks plus exclusive new tracks and remixes which are only found on this album. The tracks are a mixture of Liquid Drum & Bass, Chillout and Electronic and make for great listening when playing our favourite MilSim Arma 3.

For more information or to purchase this album, please visit the CAP23 Bandcamp page using the button below

CAP23 Bandcamp

Or why not pay the CAP23 website a visit using the button below

CAP23 Website