Prelude To War


The eastern European country of Romania has been invaded by Russian backed Dansk Rebels who are claiming the land to be their ancestor heritage. NATO has made the decision to step in and help the local government clear out these rebel forces.

The rebel forces are mainly located in the north of the country and are using the northern airfield of Krasnostav as their base. The enemy forces while backed by Russian technology are using outdated cold war equipment. However, while their technology may be dated, their numbers may cause a significant problem.

Satellite images of the area have shown that the northern airfield is guarded with several AA vehicles which are tied together via a fairly basic AA radar net. Before we can send in our main force to capture this airfield and establish a FOB, we need this radar net taken down so that our helicopters and jets can control the skies.

We have a local contact who has advised us that the enemy move the location of this mobile radar unit every 3 or 4 days. Your first task is to meet with out informant who will update you on the current location of the mobile radar. Then you will seek and destroy this unit before reporting back in to HQ.

This is a limited slot event open to members only and will take place on a passworded server at the following date/time:

Sunday 5th July 2020 - Muster @ 18:30 Zulu (19:30 BST)

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