[EVENT] River Patrol - 11th March

River Patrol

It is the year 2025 and in the east Poland province of Lavonia, there is a communist uprising which is rumoured to be supported by the Russians. These rebels are not very well equipment but are keen to make a point about their misled beliefs. They have started to attack the local NATO troops in the area and causing trouble with the local population. Razorbacks Platoon has been stationed at FARP Snowdon for the past few weeks and have been on patrol down river to the east but have been called back as rebel forces have been spotted along the river. There is concern they are planning to attack a small FOB near the edge of the safe zone and it is your job to investigate and if required, eliminate these rebels in the area.

Razorbacks platoon have been tasked with patrolling the main river to the north of Lavonia province as there has been many reports of rebel contacts along the banks. You will meet a supply drop at the INSERT RV point and then move west along the river until the arrive at the EXFIL FOB.

Will be released closer to operational date.

Planned date and time for the mission:
Wed 11th March 2020 - RV @ 19:30 zulu

Expected mission time is 2 hours. This mission requires maximum role play to achieve the best possible immersion.

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