The Razorbacks go it on their own, the formation of a new community based on the existing members and incorporates new members from other communities.


Late 2013 sees the launch of ArmA III and a bright new future for the Razorbacks, the latest version includes nearly all of the features used with the ACE mod for ArmA II but also looses many of the beloved assets.


Early 2011 sees the Razorbacks become one of the foundation group of testers for the new PR:Arma2 mod developed by the creators of BF2:PR or Project Reality. Although the mod never really got officially released, the Razorbacks together with Tactical Gamer where the main testing groups.


Mid 2009, the Razorbacks adopt the release of ArmA II and with it more members from the WarPigs (BF2:PR) move across to enjoy the new release including Community Leader BabylonCome.


The Razorbacks were formed as part of the ArmA company of [RIP] Rusty In Places clan. The original Razorbacks was a splinter squad from the mighty WarPigs (BF2:PR) company. Just a handful of members who had gotten disgruntled with the direction of the BF2 mod and started playing the original ArmA, Armed Assault.