Who We Are

[-RB-] Razorbacks

[-RB-] Razorbacks is an ARMA 3 community that aims to provide players with a place to play the full package that ARMA 3 has to offer and more. [-RB-] strives to throw players into a first person, tactical environment by hosting a dedicated, well administrated ArmA 3 server, with a focus on hosting mainly "1 life" COOP scenarios.

 Community Ethos

We are like minded players who enjoy the immersion of a realistic environment that this military simulator called ArmA brings. We encourage role play when on our servers to help enforce the immersion and bring a higher level of game-play. We mainly play "one-life" cooperative missions to encourage players to be more careful and to look after their life while in game. However, large scale or persistent missions do allow for respawn but sometimes only under enforced conditions such as once the entire squad is combat ineffective.

We also work closely with other communities and clans to plan and play large scale events which can be both coop and TvT scenarios.

Membership to our community is by way of invite only. This is to ensure that our core members are of a similar mind and can be worthy contributors to our community. If you are interested in being considered for membership, then simply come join our public nights on our server at weekends, then after a while we may approach you and offer you that invite.

Please take time to read our Community Guidelines which will help you understand how we play and operate.

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